Black Mountain Property Management Service specializes in residential properties in Helena, MT. 

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At BMPMS, we’re committed to providing high quality service and caring for each property as if it were our own.  We showcase a select number of properties, which allows us to have a closer working relationship with both the owners of the properties and the tenants who rent them.  In addition, have almost 40 years of professional relationships with many of our subcontractors who provide maintenance on the properties we care for, which ensures that if problems arise, there will be a reliable professional on the job in a timely manner.  

With Black Mountain Property Management Service as your full service property manager you can rest assured that you’re hiring the best in the industry.  We strive to maximize the income potential and increase the value of your investment property. We are proud of our reputation in the Helena community, which is upheld by the fact that a significant percentage of our applicants come to us via client and tenant referral.

Below is a list of our services, all of which can be tailored to meet your needs:

Renting your property

  •  Take on all advertising efforts
  • Show property to prospective tenants
  • Qualify prospective tenants through a thorough verification process which includes credit checks, background checks, and follow-up with past rental, professional, and personal references
  • Income sources of prospective tenants are researched and confirmed

Once your property has been rented

  •  All deposits and first month's rent are collected in advance
  • Tenant utility sign up performed at move in
  •  BMPMS works diligently with each tenant to achieve full lease compliance
  • Regular inspection of property with keen attention to detail
  • 24-hour emergency line for tenants
  • Fair Housing law is applied and compliance is monitored

If your property requires maintenance

  • Promptly address maintenance issues to ensure your property gets cared for as quickly as possible
  • Personally investigate tenant complaints & requests
  • Oversee maintenance and yard work
  • Oversee all repairs
  • Longstanding professional relationships with qualified subcontractors in town ensures that your property gets premium service at reasonable rates
  • No markup on service performed
  • Tenants are billed for tenant caused repairs

When a tenant moves out

  • Property inspected and prepared for new tenant
  • Eviction services, included court-filings and appearances when necessary
  • Leases are timed to maximize rents at prime leasing periods
  • Quick turnover of vacancies

We keep you informed and track your property’s finances

  • Detailed financial reports provide an accurate snapshot of each month
  • Provide an annual financial report
  • Monthly disbursement of income to owner
  • Maintain a Trust account

Black Mountain Property Management Service, LLC is an equal opportunity housing provider.  We consider all applications without regard to color, sex, creed, national origin, age or marital status.

Thomas Ryan

Licensed Property Manager # RRE-RPM-LIC-318